Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Morning.....

It's Monday morning, and I haven't slept all night. (sigh) Since I work nights, that's nothing new, but last night I did not work, and I really wanted to get rested so that I would be on top of things today.
But here I am. Tired but unable to sleep.

Poor Sugar's routine is upset too. She has been doing her doggy best to herd me into the bedroom tonight. Her habit is to stay near me almost all of the time when I am at home. Tonight I have been all over the house, and she has been right there, no matter which room I find myself in. It is nice to have a faithful companion!

Yes, my husband is my most faithful companion, but tonight he is out of town. So I'm glad to have Sugar here.

In about 45 minutes two of my beautiful grand-daughters will be delivered to me for a ride to school this morning. I am looking forward to that. They always make me smile! Maybe I can get a nap after I get them to school, and still salvage most of the day. That would be good. I think it is a plan.

I think it's a good time for a new blog look. Something that 'pops'. How's this!?

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