Monday, January 26, 2009

I Love My House When It's Tidy

It's my favorite place to be. It's so warm and cozy here. Today I cleaned, did laundry and scrubbed floors. It is a labor of love.
I got a great little mop for my floors. It's a Clorox Ready Mop. But I really don't like the cleaning solution that comes with it. It leaves a streaky film on my floors that makes them look dull and dirty. I have been experimenting with different ways to use this great little tool, and I think I have finally settled on a satisfactory method. I tried diluting the solution with half water, but that didn't make much difference. So I emptied the whole container down the drain, rinsed out the bottle and refilled it with plain water and about 1/4 cup of white vinegar. I replaced the commercial mopping pad with an old terry washcloth that gives more scrubbing action. Voila! Clean, sparkling floors.
And I save money because I don't have to buy their solution or disposable pads. Yes, I do have to launder the washcloths, but that is no big deal. I do laundry at least every week anyway.
That said, I must confess that I am very attached to my swiffer duster. Hope things don't get so bad that I have to go back to the old 'dust cloth' days.


Angela said...

There is no place like home! When it is all clean and tidy it is even better!

Reny said...

You bet!