Monday, February 9, 2009


Since I am sleepless again tonight, I thought I'd just check out the news on the net. And, yes, there are yet more stories vilifying the mother of the octuplets. I find it sad that this woman's own mother is being reported as putting her down in almost every interview. Whatever Nadya Suleman's motives for being implanted with so many embryos, the fact is that this is a beautiful miracle! Surely God's favor was on this woman for all these babies to have survived and to be doing so well!

OK, so some want to address the medical expense of all these preemies, and the possible 'drain' they could be on our health care system. I work in a hospital and I could write a book about irresponsible, non-compliant patients and how they are a drain on our system. Want to discuss alcoholics, drug addicts, smokers, not to mention those who are constantly in the ER with vague symptoms just so they can get a legal buzz? Would it surprise you to know that most of the above mentioned patients health care is paid for by the government? And why is that? Because they have chosen a destructive lifestyle that has left them disabled. Besides free medical care, many of these also get assistance with rent, utilities, and food. Now that is a drain!

Now, please don't misunderstand. I am not against these people. Frankly, they help keep me in a job. I'm just saying that maligning the mother of the octuplets for this reason is totally ridiculous.

Well, what about her ability to care for all these kids? Just this week I spoke with an elderly woman who was the mother of 16 children. She was amazing! And she was surrounded by love. Compared to some elderly people I know who are alone, either because they have no children or their children cannot or will not visit, the lady with 16 kids is so blessed. No one will deny that caring for 14 children, 8 of them newborns, is going to be a tough job. But God put us all here to be family to one another. And if the Christians in Nadya Suleman's life pitch in to help like those in the lives of other parents of multiples have, then she will manage. In just a few short years those babies will be able to do much for themselves. And as they grow up together, they will never feel the loneliness that plagues some children that have no siblings.

My parents had 7 children. We didn't have a lot of material things. We wore hand me downs and ate simply. I never had a room of my own and seldom had a bed of my own. Sharing was a way of life. So was looking out for one another. And working along side my siblings and parents was considered normal. We were 'family' in every sense of the word. I think it will be somewhat the same for Nadya Suleman and her children. They will make it, and the difficulties will make them strong. And it will all be worth it.

Who knows what kinds of wonderful contributions these children may make to this troubled world. What if from this 'batch of embryos' there will be one who is destined to discover the cure, once and for all, of cancer. Or perhaps one of them will develop that car that runs on water instead of gas. Who knows? But time will tell. In the meantime, I hope Nadya gets all the help she needs. It's not our place to judge. I prefer to marvel at what the Lord has done. And I look at it this way. It replaces 8 aborted children. PTL!!!


Mitch's News said...

NBC is utterly shameless for featuring this publicity crazed dysfunctional woman on the Today Show. Henceforth I am going to eschew all NBC shows and sponsors whenever possible. They are revolting for advancing this woman's desperate quest for fame. Just because she was able to find an unscrupulous, ambition crazed doctor, is absolutely no reason to herald her ill conceived madness in achieving a feat that most child bearing women could accomplish. I just cannot believe that NBC enables such irresponsibility. Fire the bastards.

Reny said...

Hi Mitch. Thank you for your comment.