Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First Goal Accomplished.....

Yes, that's right!  I have already accomplished my first goal for 2012 and it's not even the new year yet!  Would it be fair to say I'm on top of the game so far?

I completed transferring all my contact info into my iPod today.  No, I did not toss my old address book.  Well, I did toss it...into a drawer.  If my iPod crashes or gets lost I may need to refer to the book again, but I hope that doesn't happen,

Now, for my next feat of New Year's Goals daring.... I shall replace all white and light colored kitchen textiles with dark colors that do not show stains.  This may take a bit more time since I want to combine this  with a crafty idea I found on Pinterest.  BTW, if you haven't discovered Pinterest yet, I highly recommend it.  Just Google it and take a look.  It is amazing!

The  crafty idea is to make t-shirt yarn, (what a great recycling idea) and crochet it into kitchen cloths.  I'll have to try one to see how I like it first as I am pretty fond of terry cloth to wash my dishes with. ( And no, I do not own a dishwasher.)  And I'm not sure if a crocheted cloth would work well for a kitchen towel.  But I promise to let you all know once I have made and tried them.  Should be interesting at the least.

I read a blog post today from Jonathon Roche, fitness guru:  (you can find him at the link below.)

and he said that we should set big goals.  He thinks that most of us set goals that are too easy to achieve and when we achieve them we are living way below our potential.  He may be right, but what about us who set easy goals and still don't achieve them?  Therein lies a dilemma. However, on his advice I am going to think of a few 'big' goals just for the fun of it.  I'll have to ponder on them for awhile because I don't want them to be so outlandish as to be totally impossible for an old gramma like me.  I am open to suggestions if you care to leave me a comment.  If you do, please keep it nice.

So for now, I'm off to make dishcloths.  Now that's a goal any granny can achieve, right?

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