Saturday, January 21, 2012

In Defense of Paula

I happen to admire Paula Deen.  In my opinion she ranks right up there with a couple of my other favorite celebrity types, Martha Stewart and Suzanne Somers.  These ladies have defied the odds and made their mark in the business world.  Each of them have given us something we wanted and needed.  Suzanne is the queen of health and fitness.  Martha is the maven of homemaking.  And Paula is the cook we all want to be. 

Lately Paula has come under some judgement and criticism  that I feel are unwarranted.  She has Type 2 diabetes.  Not an easy disease to live with, especially if food is not only your passion, but your livelihood.  I'm sorry that she has to deal with this disease.  I'm sorry for everyone who does.  It's hard.
So she kept it to herself for 3 years.  So what!  Who says she has to share every detail of her life with the world?  Is she a hypocrite for promoting her luscious recipes while dealing with diabetes in her private life?  No more than I am a hypocrite for taking care of sick people when I am sick myself, or for taking care of the sick when I enjoy radiant health for that matter.

I tend to think that those who judge her most harshly are likely those who also have been judging her all along for her unrestrained use of butter and other delicious things like sugar.    Personally, I would love to indulge in Paula's mouth watering desserts daily, but I have to watch what I eat as well.  However, Paula's recipes are so simple and delicious that I do enjoy many of them.  Many lend themselves well to revisions to accommodate those of us who prefer sweetener and low carb fare.

I certainly don't think we've seen the last of Paula Deen.  I may be wrong, but I'm betting (and hoping) that there will soon be a whole new Paula Deen cookbook filled with awesome recipes for all of us who need to watch what we put into our mouths. 

Paula Deen will become the sweetheart of diabetics and weight conscious people everywhere.  And those of us who already love her will love her even more.  Just my opinion.


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as american as apple pie,,
which these days makes her
a premium target