Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yum, Yum!

I am cooking up my 3rd batch of home made yogurt.  This is becoming a weekly thing, as I eat it all up within one week.  My first batch was about the consistency of Yoplait.  Not bad, but I knew I could do better.  

In the 2nd batch I added 1 cup of powdered milk and used whole milk rather than 1%.  I let it warm for about 20 minutes longer and let it set overnight.  The consistency is better, but not what I want yet.

Today I am trying it once again, but have let the milk (2%) warm for about 4 hours and then let it cool for an equal amount of time.  I am now allowing it to culture in a warm spot overnight.  I will then strain out the whey and 'voilla' Greek yogurt!  I hope.

I have been enjoying 2 servings of yogurt daily flavored with Splenda and vanilla.  I have added whatever fruit I have on hand.  This week that is fresh blueberries.  Last week it was canned peaches.  I have several recipes for different flavors, but I'm waiting to try them as they sound more like desserts than a protein serving.  I will update you when I do try them, so look forward to hearing about Chocolate pudding yogurt, Pumpkin Pie yogurt, etc.  Should be interesting.  

So I hope you are being inspired to make some yogurt.  It's easy enough and lots of fun.



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