Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Money tight? Have you considered reclaimed?

Most of the people I know are on a budget, and yarn can be pricey.  Especially if you are looking for something soft and pleasing to the touch.

I have quite a yarn stash which I raid on a regular basis for the little varmints I create.  But I also like to browse the occasional yard sale or resale shop just for fun.  Sometimes I run across a crocheted or knit item that just feels so good, or is such an unusual blend of fibers or colors that I cannot resist as I let my imagination run on.

Some of these items are perfect to unravel and reclaim to create a new unique item.   That is exactly what I did with this little bear.  His body and ears are from a cool sweater I ran across in a sweet little family owned resale shop  and the pink was at one time part of a discarded baby blanket that had obviously been handmade for someone.    I think he is quite a cute little fellow!  I've been hoarding the variegated brown yarn for just the right project.  He looks like chocolate confetti!

Now, if you are thinking of reclaiming yarn, there are some things that must be considered. This site will walk you through the necessary steps to unravel and prepare that yarn for reuse.  You will also learn which types of garments are best to reclaim.



As i was creating this little guy, i began to think of how many of the handmade crochet or knit items that babies soon outgrow could be later repurposed into an adorable keepsake toy that will give even more years of pleasure to that little one.

I hope this post will inspire you to reconsider donating or tossing that sweet little handmade sweater, cocoon or baby blanket.  Reclaim that item and turn it into something huggable and lovable for your toddler.


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Mac said...

I love the idea of reclaimed yarn! Why not make something new out of your unwanted fibers? I've been scared to try it for myself though! Maybe when I have a bit more free time!