Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Crochet Cat Bag Holder that is Fun and Functional

 Crochet cat grocery bag holder. Stripes in gold, blue, yellow and lime green.

This  crochet cat bag holder is adorable and ranks among the most fun projects I have made!   I love it when I can take an old idea or pattern and give it a new twist!

My daughter used to keep a grocery bag holder over her baby changing table back in the days when her life consisted of babies and diapers.  It was convenient to have the bags right at hand when she changed the baby, and the monster theme bag holder she had was a fun thing for the baby to look at while being changed.  This is what gave me the idea for this crochet cat!  Who doesn't love a goofy cat hanging around that makes a baby coo and smile?

The original idea for this project actually came from Pinterest which links to this Ravelry page.  I initially made the pattern as written to hang over my grandson's changing table.  It was cute, but after a bit of thought, and giving free reign to my love of bright colors, this adorable crochet cat began to form in my imagination.  And I just love it!

I'm thinking that this project could be easily adapted to any of my yarn varmint patterns.  What could be cuter than a crib softie and a matching bag holder as a baby gift?!    And if you are really motivated, how about a matching baby blanket?  Or perhaps you know of someone who would just love to brighten up that little corner of the kitchen or utility room with a fun character bag holder.

I hope this post will inspire you to  get your creative juices flowing!   There is still time to make this cute projects before Christmas.  It only took me a few hours.  If you make this crochet cat bag, I would love to see your comments and pics of your finished project in the comment section.


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