Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Free Crochet Pattern, Monsters that will make you 'Giggle'

Free crochet pattern alert!  This is my very first crochet pattern design and it has received such a good response that I have decided to place it as a free pattern in my Varmint Market.

I absolutely adore bright colors and funny expressions.  Here at Yarn Varmints we call it the 'cuteness factor'.  It is what I strive to achieve in all my varmint creations.  At times this means making several tries before it meets the requirements.  But the satisfaction of finally getting it right is so worth it!

These little monsters are about 3 inches tall and are just the right size for little hands to carry around.  And I wish I could describe to you the delight we see in every child that has received one of these.  Big smiles, audible giggles as they toss them up in the air or hug them close to their little chests.    The wonder is that such a simple little monster could elicit all that.

So I invite you to  enjoy this free crochet pattern.  I suggest you make several for adorable Christmas gifts.  And keep some extra's around for little visitors.  I try to do this and it is such a great help to parents when their child has something special to play with during the visit.  And then I send it home with them!

All you need to make this free crochet pattern is some bits of leftover yarn, stuffing and some felt for the eyes.  Be sure to attach eyes, arms and legs securely if you plan to give one of these to a baby.

So get your pattern today and get started on your little of monsters right away.  Really, they are addictive!  Once you have completed one, it's hard not to make more.  And the more you make, the more delighted your child will be!

[caption id="attachment_96" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Colorful little crochet monsters with silly grins and funny eyes. Cute little crochet monsters that will make you 'giggle'![/caption]

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