Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hulk Inspired Crochet Doll...An Adorable 'Green Buddy'.

With just 2 weeks until Christmas, I'm busily working on an Incredible Hulk  crochet doll for my grandson.

Paul loves Super Hero's, and especially the Incredible Hulk.  I searched Pinterest and found this adorable free crochet Hulk 'Green Buddy’ doll pattern.


So over to Ravelry I went and downloaded the pattern.   This pattern prints out to 16 pages complete with detailed pics.  So I was pretty sure this would be a piece of cake  project.

Now, three days later with at least 6 hours a day spent with hook in hand, I am about 50% finished.  This is going to be an awesome gift for my grandson, but wow!  There must be a gazillion stitches in this  thing!  While this hulk crochet doll doesn’t look that difficult in the pic, the pattern has quite a few little details that absolutely make it rock!  The tattered look to the shorts, the toes and fingers, the ears and the hair are all extras that add cuteness to the appearance of this doll. 

The size is perfect at about 18-20 inches tall.  The hair is done separately like a wig and is then attached to the head.  The face has some slight needle sculpting to help give it definition.   And the ears are just adorable!

The big eyes and sweet little smile on this crochet doll  take away from any Hulk scariness and make this a buddy that kids can relate to in a kind and gentle way.

I have learned several new techniques from this crochet pattern and have had to brush up on an old skill or two.  So far the challenge has been totally worth it!

So, I'm not finished with this guy yet, but when completed I will post a pic of the finished project.  Be sure to check back in a few days to see if my Hulk resembles the pattern pic.

In the meantime, Happy Hooking!


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