About Me

Hi.  I'm Reny.  I am a wife, mother and grandmother.  I am a lover of Jesus Christ.  I believe He is exactly who he says he is and that he can do exactly what he says he can do. The next most important person in my life is my darling husband. He is my hero.  He keeps my perspective balanced and is a never-ending encourager. He led me to the feet of Jesus and then graciously took 2nd place in my life as he watched me fall more and more in love with Jesus, knowing that the more I love Jesus, the more I will be empowered to love those around me in a more excellent way.   My children and grandchildren are God's wonderful gifts to me, for which I thank Him daily.   Sometimes I write poetry, but it's usually to God and He is about the only one who sees it.  Perhaps I'll post a few lines of poetry from time to time as the Spirit of God leads.             

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