Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sugar, Our German Shepard

This is Sugar, our dog. Well, she is actually our daughters dog, but when our daughter left for college, Sugar had to stay home. That was nearly 7 years ago. We have loved and cared for this dog for many more years than that actually, since we got Sugar when Amanda was about 10. That makes Sugar about 17 years old now. But she is still a great dog who at times forgets she is not still a pup.

One problem with Sugar is that she sheds like crazy! I have been up to my ears in clouds of dog hair floating around our house. The sofa is always covered with hair to the point that no one can sit on it besides Sugar. It has been a real chore to try to keep the house clean under such circumstances. But I think I might have found a solution. Yes, you guessed it. Sugar now has a stylin new haircut, and I have a lot less cleaning to do.

She actually acted like she enjoyed the whole grooming process. She just loves attention of any kind. For being such a good girl, I have promised her a new 'blingy' collar. Something that will be perfect for the beautiful girl that she is. More pics to follow once Sugar gets her new fashion accessories.


Karen said...

I know how that goes... daughter/son gets a pet... daughter/son goes to college... pet becomes Mom's! Haha... I had two cats... they were each 17 years old. Babies, they were... my babies.

Love your blog... and thanks for posting on mine!


Rosebud Collection said...

What a beautiful dog..I miss having a pet..they are really so unconditional.

Walk in the Woods said...

Sugar is just beautiful!