Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rainy Tuesday

Sometimes I just love a rainy day! There's something about the subdued skies and sound of rain on the roof that is just relaxing. And all the better when I know that I don't have to leave the house today.

I have a bit of an annoying sniffle today. It's that time of year I guess. A bit of extra vitamin C will help, and lots of soft fluffy tissues. ;) Still, it's a great day!

Two new items have been added to The Kings Treasury today. If you get the time, go check them out. One of them has a prophetic word included. This is a bold step since not everyone understands or accepts that God still speaks to His people today except through His word. And when this subject comes up, I always stress that the Bible is the number one way God speaks today. And any prophetic word given must be in line with what the Lord has already spoken and recorded in His word. That said, I think it is exciting to know that God is not totally silent in these tumultuous times. I love it when He has something special to say to only me. It makes me feel like He is near and He really is mindful of each one of us. That makes even a rainy day seem special!


djolsen said...

I am so unfamiliar with blogs that I really don't know where to put this. I am the winner of the beautiful necklace and earring set. It is wonderful and so well made. I am very thankful. It certainly brightens my rainy tuesdays and my sniffles. thank you again

Reny said...

Thank you Dolores. I'm so glad you like it. It makes me happy.