Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Any good diet tips......?

I seem to be having a growth spurt, and I'm too old for this! 'sigh'



#1 Water, when you first open your eyes, have it waiting near the bed. Then throughout the day. But, not before you go to bed.

#2 Blood type?..."A"=Veggies, "O"=the oldest diet of meat and veggies(no processed= no dairy, no wheat)"A/B"= a little bit of everything.
This will determine your acid vs.Ph. level = how much stomach acid is available for you to breakdown the type of food you eat.

#3 Coconut oil, flax seed oil, castor oil: all help digestion.
What goes in must come out > in equal portions > make sure.

#4 Little jump-aline/ trampaline $40 or less = Instant gym. Bounce gently, consistently will vibrate the lymphatic drainage system and assist the flow of body fluids.
Put it in front of the T.V. = keep it up through the 2 min commercials.

#5 Clean house. Tidy up. Organize. Compartmentalize. Change on thing = anything. You know what to do.

Reny said...

Thanks Teri. I have heard of the blood type diet, but have never really followed it. I will research it. And I feel instant affirmation on your other suggestions. Off to drink some water!