Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm A Dreamer.....

Yes, really. I dream all the time. Sometimes my dreams are so entertaining, I don't want to wake up. In my dreams I go places and do things that I would never do in real life.

Some of my dreams are amusing. Some are confusing. Some are happy and some are sad. Some of them are frightening. But they are never boring.

I believe that some dreams have meaning and that God will reveal the meaning to us when we ponder and pray about it. Those dreams usually stay in my mind for days or weeks and the details remain vivid to me. Those are the ones I journal. How interesting to go back through my journals and realize that some of those dreams did, indeed, point to significant events that came about later in my life.

And then there are the 'pizza dreams'. Those dreams that keep me entertained while I sleep, but fade from my memory within the first few minutes of being awake. I seldom bother with trying to remember or journal a dream that doesn't stay with me for at least an hour or so.

All in all, I enjoy dreaming. For someone who doesn't watch much TV, I love watching my dreams most of the time.

Do you love your dreams?


Meekiyu said...

ahh I understand how you feel about how dreaming allows you to do and see all these fantastic things. For me it seems that most dreams hint at something in the future sometimes it's like deja vu!

Angela said...

My husband has gotten into "lucid" dreaming. He asks himself all day if he is asleep. Then, when he goes to sleep, his mind is in the habit of asking the question. So, he asks himself even when he is asleep. So, he realizes that he is dreaming and he can do anything in his dreams. I have been trying...but it hasn't worked for me yet.