Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Little Fife

I am soooo excited! Our newest grandson is due any day. So far we have only seen him as an ultrasound image or a hidden form in his mamma's belly. But soon we will see him face to face.

He's going to be a big boy, over nine pounds. I believe that will be a good size to hold and feel comfortable with.

He will be the first for our daughter and son-in-law, and first babies are always special. But he will be our eighth grandchild. And everyone of them are special! (I know. Every grandparent feels that way.)

His first name will be Samuel. I don't think the middle name is decided on yet. At first we just affectionately called him 'Little'. But now he is Samuel or Sammy or sometimes just Sam.

I picture him as robust, alert and active. I believe he will be one that will want to touch, taste and experience everything he sees, a bouncing baby boy in every way. I see him as smart, quick and inquisitive. I think he will learn fast and retain much. I hope he will have his daddy's musical talent and curly hair, and his mommy's wit and creativity. I know he will have deep roots with the Lord because that is his heritage from past generations.

I know his parents are going to be the best mommy and daddy. They have so much love to give, and such a wise perspective on parenting. It is going to be so rewarding to watch as they raise little Sam in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

So,yes, we are eager for this child to arrive. He is going to be such fun!



Good for you to be so clear and direct about your vision for this child's life. Truth is the currency of Love. Be well. Do Good. All ways.

Reny said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments.