Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Well Sharpened Sword

This is reprinted here with permission from my wonderful hubby. I was so touched by it that I wanted to share it with all of you.

We went by for our usual hugs,

If you don't know who I'm talking about click here.

and she had to move this book out of our way on the couch,
as usual. In fact I cannot remember when that book has not
had to be moved out of the way to make room to sit down
on the couch with her and visit.

I have had to move this book many times before but a little voice said
take a couple of quick pics of this.

This worn book is the most important part of her daily life.
She is ever, always reading this worn book. It's like she
is almost attached to it. When I realized the power,
the hope , the faith that has transferred from the pages
of this book to her and then to many, many of us who love
her, I thought, " Wow! This is worthy of some special attention."

When I thought about how much reading was done to put the wear and tear on this book and then thought about how much of a treasure of faith and love is stored by this book being used to this point , I realized that what I have in these little quick pics is more priceless than a world famous painting.

See, my friends, this is a true living battery charger for life today, and
every day. This is a power pack, a mountain moving, faith giving,
living link to our personal LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.
So as this wonderful lady always says,

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birdfeeder734 said...

On Sunday I will be attending a mini mission at a local church. It's entitled "These Troubled Times." Yes indeed, these are very troubled times. I met a man yesterday who was taking his wife of 74 years for a treatment to help reduce the effects of Alzheimers. He bought a mug with hearts and the words 'I love you.' Three young men lost their lives in the Gulf of Mexico when their fishing boat capsized. Lord, be with their family and friends, comfort them and take the young men home to hold in the palm of your hand. And millions of people affected by the recession--fired after 34 years of reliable service, businesses closing. I am so tired of the disparaging words, ridicule, condemnation and hatred directed at Nadya Suleman. Is she the cause of Alzheimer's, unexpected death, the economic collapse? Of course not. I pray that someone will come forward with an adequate house, and
folks will volunteer to help with her children. I would in a minute if I had the means. Be with me Lord in times of trouble. Be with me Lord, I pray.