Thursday, January 20, 2011

Count Down to Retirement

I've noticed an interesting phenomenon as I grow older. The things that once held great importance for me are taking 2nd place to things much more pressing. Career aspirations have given way to spending more time with family and friends. Material items are losing importance and being replaced by things more worthy of time and energy.

I've noticed that the days fly by, but the nights grow long. My step is a bit slower and the joints occasionally ache. The recliner is becoming a fast friend, and a good book a welcome companion. Things that once were taken for granted are now receiving the appreciation they deserve, such as health, strength, comfortable accommodations, electric blankets and warm fuzzy slippers.

As I look ahead, I relish the idea of being retired. It will be a time of doing what I want, free from the restraints of a work schedule. I'm fortunate to have many interests and hobbies, so I really can't see retirement as a time of boredom or inactivity. I intend to enjoy my retirement to the fullest. But in order to do that, I must have a certain level of health, strength and energy.

I thank God that I am a healthy individual. It helps me continue my work as a nurse, and to do the things I enjoy. But I realize that if I am to enjoy my 'golden years' I need to do a few things to keep myself strong and healthy. I also need to be proactive about exercising my mind to keep it clear and sharp.

In my next few posts I will be sharing some of the things I believe will help me be in a position to enjoy my retirement. I will also be sharing some tips from some of my favorite 'old folks' on how they handle their retirement.

So, if this topic interests you, visit again next week. Until then......

Be Blessed!

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Phoebe Brown said...

Thanks for your blogs on retirement! I just retired in late December, and am still trying to 'get my things in order'. I look forward to starting the projects I have in mind to do, if only my friends and family will stop giving me their ideas of what I 'should' be doing!