Sunday, January 15, 2012

Health Trumps All

So what's wrong with a 70+ Grandma looking like this???  Absolutely nothing!  People like Earnestine Shepherd inspire me.  Who says Grandma has to retire to a rocking chair with the TV remote in hand?  Maybe she would rather run marathons and set new world records for being the oldest, fittest Grandma on the planet!  Earnestine Shepherd and Marjorie Newlin are both at the top of my 'most admired' list.  These awesome ladies defied the status quo for Grandmas and paved the way for many of us to aspire to greater heights of fitness and endurance.  Just goes to show that 'With God nothing is impossible'!

As I pick up my dumbbells again I will keep a mental image of these remarkable women in my mind.  Earnestine says that 'health trumps all'.  I may never reach the level of fitness that she enjoys, but I am certainly going to improve my health and fitness level.

I am already seeing some improvements in my health since I rededicated myself to this fitness goal at the beginning of the year.  My blood sugar levels are well within normal levels after months of discouraging elevations.  I can only attribute this to almost daily exercise and maintaining a low carb/ healthy carb diet.

And now, as promised to you, my loyal readers, this weeks weight loss.  Yes!  I met my goal of 1 pound/week!  I have actually lost 2.9 pounds since last Sunday!  

Tomorrow I will address The 17 Day Diet, and my personal thoughts on what I have learned about it so far.  

Until then....

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