Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Little Progress and a Guest Post

Hi all!  Well, after 14 days on the 17 day diet I am finally seeing a few ounces decrease on the scale.  So I am going to give this eating plan some more time.  I think it may be worth it since I am feeling very well physically and have not had much trouble with hunger and cravings.  So I'll keep you all posted on how it's going.  In the meantime, enjoy these positive musings from Mr. Loving Hubby.

Don't you just love it when:
 You are thinking the exact same thing
at the exact same time and then say it
Your scales say you are doing good ?
Calm peace comes over you at just the right time?
You see a twinkle in that someone special's eye?
You've done a good deed with no applause but you feel the smile
coming from above?
People from far away rejoice when someone they don't even know
gets a home make over?
You see unconditional love anywhere?
People give respect and honor to older people?
Children play with abandon, freedom and delight?
Doctors can't explain how that person got completely well, 
but you know it was God?
Facebook makes you smile or laugh out loud?
That new recipe is a screaming hit?
You realize that that worrisome pain was just something big
in your jeans pocket, and it was cash you didn't remember you had?
Thanks Ken (aka Mr. Loving)  for helping us keep things in perspective.


Anonymous said...

who is the world is this wonderful
guest blogger
this is the best i ever read
Shakespeare has nothing on this guy
please please please continue to do
guest spots on Reny's place
wow and triple wow
what charm what wit what craftsmanship
with words ,,,,,, i laughed i cried
i screamed with agonizing joy

Reny said...

Well said, Anonymous! I agree wholeheartedly!