Friday, January 13, 2012

Pinterest, I Love You!

I love doing crafts of all kinds.  I also love finding new recipes to try.  And I love organizing ideas.  So, how could I not love Pinterest?  This site is so full of information and ideas that I could browse it all day and never see everything that pertains to my particular interests.  Add to that the many categories that hold very little interest for me, but are of great interest to others and you have a site that just can't lose!

My favorite category on Pinterest is DIY and Crafts.  I have literally spent hours perusing this area of the site and find a host of new things each time I log in.  The Lawn and Garden category is superb in all the variety of ideas and styles of garden layouts and landscaping, not to mention the variety of plants.    There are tons of beautiful photographs of exotic and wonderful places to mesmerize a wanna be world traveler like me.  The awesome pics of recipes make my mouth water.  And if you need an idea for holiday or party decorating, this site is chock full of more ideas than you could ever hope for.

Have I said that I love this site?  Go check it out.  I'll bet that you fall in love too.


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