Sunday, January 22, 2012

Progress Report

I have been a very good girl this past week.  I officially started the 17 day diet and have followed it closely with one exception.  I have not been able to drink all the water that he suggests.  I also have been drinking my diet sodas which he says is OK (I think) if I make up for it by drinking an equal amount of water.  He calls this positive liquid and negative liquid, with anything but plain water being negative.  The only exception I can find in the book is the daily cup of hot water with lemon, which Dr. Moreno says can count toward the positive liquid total.

So it's clear to me that I need to navigate away from the negative liquids and just drink more water.  I'm not that fond of water, but I am trying to drink more of it and less of the sweetened, flavored drinks that I love.  This is tough, but I'll try.

So far I am not seeing any drastic weight loss, but I have lost a little.  This week's total weight loss is .8 of one pound.  Eight tenths is not even the 1 pound that I was hoping for.  However, it is better than gaining, and I am seeing the scale go down slowly, but consistently.  So I'm only a little disappointed. 

The other thing is that when I am working my 3 night shifts a week, I don't get my work-outs in.  12 hours of work is about all I can muster.

On the food side of this diet, I am finding it not so difficult.  I have been eating low carb  off and on for some time.  My main difficulty with the eating part is that yogurt and fruit have been banned from my diet in the past.  It has been a little scary to incorporate them back into my diet due to blood sugar concerns.  However, my blood sugars have been very good in spite of the yogurt and fruits.  With this I am well pleased.   I have been feeling quite healthy as well.   Can't wait to see what the  A1C will be next checkup!

So that's the scoop on the diet and fitness side of my life for this past week.  I am hoping that next week will show more progress on the weight issue.  We'll see.


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