Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two Good Reasons...

Why do some people (especially grandparents) drive for hours through all kinds of weather and traffic just to see some people in a different city and state?

  This chubby cherub is one good reason.  Bright eyes and a big toothless grin are the reward to anyone who will just give him a bit of attention.  Baby Paul is the ruler of the household presently.  But who can resist his charm?  His demands are actually few;  a dry, clean bottom, a full tummy and his people nearby.  Especially his people.  The more the merrier.  As long as he is surrounded by chatty, happy people this child is satisfied.

This delightful toddler is another good reason.  His excitement overflows at the sight of Gramma and Papaw ascending the stairs to his home.  His joyful laughter is heart melting.  This boy is definitely all boy.  If it has wheels he is interested.  His mother jokingly  says that 'Sammy wants to be a car when he grows up.'  It is awesome to watch him examine each part of the vehicle closely.    We could just sit for hours and watch this boy play with his cars, trucks, semi's and trains.  But he also loves books.  I believe he will be an avid reader.  Sensitive, perceptive and lovable all wrapped up in one little boy, that's Sammy.

Yes, we do drive for hours to see these two boys.  It's worth every minute and every mile.  And as we visit with them we also get to visit with their parents and other family members that live in the area.  

While we return home exhausted, we are always looking ahead to the next visit.  As long as we are able, we will defy the distance to spend some time with the ones we love.   

And an added reward is our welcome home by the no less awesome grandkids right here in our own home town.  No matter how near or how far away, grandkids are the spice of life when all your children are grown up and out of the house. 

Families are a gift from God. Treasure them!

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