Friday, March 11, 2016


It's true.  Necessity IS the mother of invention.
On a recent visit to my daughter and her family, she had occasion to go to a wedding.  Being a bit of a fitness buff, she always wears a fitness band tracker.  As many of you know, fitness bands are not the most attractive accessories for a formal or semi-formal affair.  Yet, there are so many steps to be counted and moves to be noted at weddings and receptions.  Who wants to lose all that fitness data for the sake of style???

Mom to the rescue!  I pulled out some fancy yarn I had just acquired and was eager to try out, and I got to work.  In a flash I created what we affectionately dubbed the 'Fit-Bling', a cute and classy cover-up for her fitness tracker.

                                                  You must admit, she wears it well!

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