Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Crochet Angel Free Pattern for a Merry Christmas!

[caption id="attachment_935" align="aligncenter" width="300"]handmade, crochet, free pattern, angel, stuffed toy, decoration, ornament Cute little crochet angel perfect for the holidays![/caption]

I have been working on this free crochet angel pattern for a couple of weeks now.  Crochet and frog (unravel), crochet and frog.  I have remade the head about 5 times before I was happy with the size and shape.

The wings on this  angel were an even bigger challenge.  The first set was too small.  The second set, while a nicer size, were too plain.  But the third try finally seemed right.  Not too flashy, but not to plain.

I chose a sparkly acrylic yarn for this pattern, and while I am usually drawn to multiple vibrant colors in my creations, this one just seemed like it should be mostly one color.  I did add a sweet crochet halo in gold yarn just for fun.

With the holidays sneaking up on us it is a good time to get those holiday projects done.  This crochet angel pattern is intentionally simple and works up fairly quickly.  Picture several of these as a table centerpiece, or add a hook or loop and hang them from your tree.

This little angel would also make a cute toy for your own little angels.

To change the size, use a lighter weight yarn and smaller hook for a smaller version of this crochet angel, or a heavier weight yarn and a larger hook to make a bigger one.

This pattern can be found as a free download in the Varmint Market.



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