Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Crochet Green Buddy is a Winner for little Hulk lovers!

Crochet Green Buddy...Wow!  What a winner for any little guy who admires the Incredible Hulk.  This doll is about18 inches tall and perfect to be a pal to my grandson.


This is the finished project taken from this free pattern by Mary Smith.

 He took about 24 hours total to make, but I tend to crochet slower than most.  Many of my crocheting friends would have finished this in less time.

So my next project is a dragon of a similar size for another grandson.  Gotta be fair, right?!

Normally I make smaller items because I get impatient with large projects.  But these are sooo cute!  I just couldn't resist giving them a try.

Check back in a week or so to see the finished dragon.  I think he might be quite impressive.  At least I'm hoping so!  The pattern looks awesome!

So back to my work!  Must get dragon done before Christmas!  Would love to hear your thoughts on this Hulky guy!  Meanwhile, Happy Holiday Hooking!


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