Monday, January 30, 2017

Crochet Duck is too Cute for Words!!!

Sterling, the crochet duck, is ready for spring!  After creating Smookie, the bunny, I felt like maybe Smookie needed a friend.  Enter Sterling, with his big webbed feet and oh so cute smoochy lips bill!

I have to confess to some help on Sterling in the way of advice and criticism.  That duck bill was quite a challenge.  I re-designed it at least 3 times before ending up with the most adorable kissy-lipped  version that I think I have ever seen.  Many thanks to my husband and my daughter for their very constructive criticism and persistence until he turned out just right.  Yep.  We finally got that 'cuteness factor' down for Sterling.

If you're looking for a cute Easter project, both Sterling and Smookie would make a great addition to your Easter baskets.  Just imagine the smiles and giggles when your little ones see what you have made to help them find all those Easter goodies hidden for them!

Don't have time to make them yourself?  No problem!  Just place your order and we can make them for you.    And don't forget, Varmint Greetings can make a custom card to match them.  Get your orders in early to be sure they get to you on time.  In the meantime, happy creating!


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I Love These. I would like the pattern to crochet for my Great Granddaughters. I have 4 & 1 Great Grandson. I am looking for something for him.