Thursday, January 5, 2017

Robbie the Rolling Crochet Robot says 'Hi'

This rolling crochet robot is a new adventure in toy making for me!  As my grandchildren grow, their interest changes.  Softies are great for babies and toddlers but practically 'grown-up' boys of 5 and 8 years old want more from their toys.

I've made an entire fleet of stuffed crocheted vehicles, but I never made one that would actually roll.  But since I created Robbie, I think I can make an actual mobile car!  And my grandson, Sam, has commissioned me to do just that.  After seeing a short video of the rolling robot he said to his mom, "If she can make that, she can make me a car that rolls!"  So guess what my next project will be?  Look for it sometime later this month.

The inspiration for Robbie came from this shirt worn by a sweet visitor we had over the holidays.

[caption id="attachment_1117" align="aligncenter" width="164"] My inspiration for Robbie the Rolling Robot.[/caption]

I just thought this was the cutest thing!  My robot really only slightly resembles the one on the shirt, but I still think my guy is pretty fantastic!

In order for this robot to keep his shape, I had to find a way to prop him up underneath the crochet fabric.  Enter plastic canvas!  I have never liked this stuff before, but I think I may be falling in love with it now.  This opens a whole new world of ideas in my mind!

Yes, it is more work.  But it is so worth it!  So I'm excited!  Make a comment with your suggestions on what I might attempt to make with these new ideas.  I'd love to hear from you.



Kathy Bates said...

I can picture them sending back that fleet of vehicles, with the instructions to "make them roll!" LOL!

Reny said...

Actually, they have ordered a whole new fleet!