Monday, January 23, 2017

Varmint Greetings, handmade, customized

This week I am adding a whole new category to the Varmint Market!  Varmint Greetings are handmade and customized.  The front of the cards feature a fussy-cut handmade replica of whichever varmint you choose and the inside contains matted blank sheets for your own personal message or short story.

I came up with this idea because of my love for making greeting cards.   There is just something about taking something as simple as paper and turning it into a one-of-a-kind piece of art or heirloom.

My grand-daughter, Des, is the one who got me to thinking about paper crafts. She could do amazing things with paper!  She is very crafty and talented and she learned early how to make the most of the things she had readily available to her.

Add to that my quest to organize my photos in an attractive and inviting form for occasional viewing through scrapbooking and , voila!  I became a paper crafter as well as a crochet addict!

So it had to be just a matter of time before these two crafts merged into my website.  Varmint Greetings will make a great addition to any yarn varmint you create and give to that little someone special in your life.  And I love the idea of a Varmint short story written on the inside by the giver!  It adds a special personal touch that really touches hearts, young and old.

I used the story approach at Christmas on my grandson's Christmas card, where I included a true story from his Momma's childhood.  He loved it!  And what a sweet way to give him a peek into his mother's past.

Here is a Varmint Greeting of 'Robbie the Robot'.  The Greeting 'Hi!' can be changed and customized.


The inside, as you can see, is nicely matted with blank pages for your own message or story.

Of course, this approach can be used with any greeting, especially a handmade one.  So I hope you will dig into your paper stash and make some card!  And if you prefer someone else to do the work, please feel free to order a Varmint Greeting or contact me for a custom card!



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