Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Oops! This Crochet Amigurumi Still Needs Work!

I have looked all over the internet for a pattern to make this adorable little amigurumi, but could not find it anywhere.  .  I saw the original picture on pinterest, and I did see it on a foreign social site during pattern search, but no pattern.    So I did what any ambitious crochet artist would do.  I created my own pattern.

The picture above is my first pattern attempt.    Isn't it adorable?  But some of the pieces are just not to my liking.  I crocheted this one from acrylic, and it just doesn't hold the form like I want it to.  So back to the drawing board, or in this case, back to the hook and yarn.

I am  making the next one from mercerizes cotton yarn and tweaking the  design just a bit to hopefully get a nice form and a toy that will stand up to some rough and tumble play and still be able to stand on his own two, er four, feet.

I did get into a bit of a hurry since so many people expressed interest in the pattern, and I listed it in my Etsy shop only to deactivate it within a few hours  due to my dissatisfaction with some of it.  My apologies to anyone who has been trying to get the pattern.

Once this pattern meets with my satisfaction, I will re-activate it with the improved pattern and a new picture.    Please be patient.   I promise you it will be a better pattern.

Check back often to see what I am up to and feel free to leave me a comment.


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