Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ah, Mary....

If you remember Mary from one of my earlier posts, you will smile at this one.

I related how Mary had to move from the senior apartment complex due to loud and obnoxious behavior when she has a bit too much to drink. So, because we love my dad and didn't want to see him work like a dog helping Mary move, several of the family pitched in to help. We helped Mary find a nice duplex in our town in a fairly quiet neighborhood. We moved her stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. We were all utterly exhausted for a week following.

Mary got all settled in in record time, and her place was absolutely beautiful. It seems that she has a knack for interior decorating. That was 2 weeks ago. This week, Mary was politely served notice of eviction by her landlord. 'sigh' It seems that she has a penchant for calling the police whenever the neighbors make any noise. Now, I don't know if the neighbors deserved that or not. I guess perhaps they could be noisy. After all, they have children. But there seems to be a pattern here with Mary.

So, today Mary found a mobile home to rent. She is going to have to part with some stuff. Lots of stuff. So here we go again. But this time we are setting limits on how much we can do for Mary. I'm just hoping that my dad, who is 80 years old, will not overdo helping her with packing, etc. He is a pretty healthy 80 year old, but I still hate to see him work to exhaustion. I'm going to be out of town for a week, and I'm a bit concerned.

For those of you who feel led to, I ask that you send up a little prayer on behalf of my dad this next week or two. He's a great guy. And send up a prayer for Mary too, if you don't mind. In spite of all the trouble, she is a sweetheart in her own way. If she can't get along in the new neighborhood, I don't know what she will do.

As for me and my husband, we are heading to Ohio to see our daughter and also pay my son a visit on the way. It's going to be a great visit and we're looking forward to it so much!

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CB said...

There are always those who make trouble for others and at times take advantage. I wish you luck with your Mary troubles.

Also I do wish your father feels better. I know how you feel my Mother will be getting her results back from an MRI next week to see if she has a lump in her brain.