Friday, August 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home

What a great week! But, boy, is it good to be home. We started our short pilgrimage on Sunday morning after a rather busy 12 hour shift at the hospital. I was able to doze a bit in the car, so I wasn't too frazzled when we arrived at Michaels town house in Grove City near Columbus. We spent some time with Mike and Josh, then headed north to Brunswick just south of Cleveland where Amanda and Marcus have recently relocated. We found them in a very comfy 2nd floor apartment in a nice complex. Their apartment is easily twice the size of their Florida apartment. It will be perfect for them as they begin adding to the Fife numbers. We slept in the future nursery and I could already imagine my new little grandchild there.

Marcus is the worship leader for the Polaris Christian Church in Brunswick, and so we got to see where he works and had a quick tour of the church building, which is located in a former movie theater. Hopefully we will get to attend a service next time we are there. We did meet a couple of the church family though. Of course, they were very nice.

On Monday we went to Canton to see Ashley at Malone Bible College where she is a sophomore. She gave us a tour of the campus. We took her out to eat and for a bit of shopping. Then back to Brunswick.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent just hanging out with Marcus and Amanda, eating and shopping and getting familiar with the layout of the town. I helped Amanda with some crafty wall art, we looked through her collection of baby things, and I began coming to grips with the idea of my baby having a baby. It was so different with my sons. I just sort of took their new fatherhood in stride. But with my only daughter, I find that it is a bit more emotional for me. I didn't really expect that. I wonder if this is a normal happening for mothers of daughters. I don't think I've ever heard it discussed before. Hmm.

Thursday we did a bit more shopping, ate out for lunch and just enjoyed our last few hours of visiting. At around 2pm we headed for home, making a stop again at Grove City and having a nice meal with Mike. We then went to Josh's workplace to give him a hug before we left there.

During the 5-6 hour drive home we entertained ourselves with downloaded segments of John Tesh's 'Intelligence for Life' radio show. So now we are smarted than we used to be and emotionally satisfied for the time being for having spent time with our kids who live away from here.

Now, back to the everyday grind. But with a smile and with gratitude to the Lord for richly blessing us and our children.


Debbie said...

welcome home!!!


Reny said...

Thanks! I love being home. It's like being told, "go to your room!" WooHoo! That's where all my stuff is! 'smile'