Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Love to Create

I believe there nothing more satisfying than to create something good. I think that God has put a desire for beauty and order in each of us, and I believe that He alone can release the creativity in us that will fulfill that desire. But my personal experience has been that, even as God releases creativity in me, I must take that seed and plant it in the soil of practice and diligence before it grows into the finished product.
I love creating polymer clay beads. Each one is like a
miniature work of art to me. But the process of creating one bead requires many steps. And often the finished bead looks nothing like what I initially envisioned. It seems almost as though the beads create themselves as I work with the clay. I wonder if this happens with other clay artists, or is it just my lack of years of experience working with clay. I don't know. But the beads that turn out the least like I expected them to are often the prettiest ones.

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Rosebud Collection said...

I agree with your thoughts..
Clay beads are really beautiful..
Nothing more beautiful than creating, but always remembering where your creative talents came from..