Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Fun Than Designing....

If someone asked me what is more fun and more satisfying than creating beads or jewelry, I would have to say, 'teaching others to do the same.'

In the past couple of years I have volunteered to teach jewelry design classes to clients of our local pregnancy center and ladies from my home church. I am constantly amazed at the talent I witness pouring out of these young women! They always come up with color combinations and different beading designs than I would have ever thought of.

The desire for beautiful things was ingrained in us by our Creator God from the beginning of time. The ability to design and create is so totally a gift from Him. And that gift is given to the Christian and non-Christian alike. It is a seed planted in us by Him that is destined to grow and produce fruit ultimately for His Kingdom.

One of the most delightful things I have witnessed in my time with these young women is their desire to create and to give to those they love. While some created only for themselves, which was my main idea, others immediately saw their creations in light of a gift for someone special to them. How awesome to watch those who had so little exhibit a heart that was so big!

So, yes. I have been richly blessed to have been a part of teaching others what I know. There is great satisfaction in seeing the smile of delight on the faces of those who have created something lovely.

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