Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Am Learning!

The more time I spend working on my blog and looking at others blogs, the more I learn. This evening I decided that some blogs are hard for me to read. Usually it's because the font is so small, and sometimes it's because the background is so busy. So, in an effort to make my blog more readable, I am increasing my font size. Let me know if this makes reading it easier.

Now, can anyone tell me how to increase the font in my titles?????

A New (sort of) Venture

Wow! It has been a while since I posted, but I have been very busy. I am starting a new Etsy shop, and am in the process of getting all my ducks in a row, so to speak, before I officially launch it. That means setting up the shop, getting banners and avatars, making products and numerous other little tasks that will make this shop special. And did I mention praying? Because this shop is inspired by God and will be a bit different from most others. I would love to say more about it, but I am going to wait until I begin listing items before I promote it too much.

Besides the new shop, I have been busy with the normal day to day things that we all contend with. Housework, shopping, etc., along with working my full time job. I could use a few more hours in each day, but I would just fill them up and still have things that I want to do. For instance, I would love to learn needle felting. But I just cannot add another hobby to my schedule right now. But there are such pretty things out there that are made that way. I admire you felters. You are so creative and talented!

But for now, I will stay with what I know. And if I don't add too many tasks to my days, perhaps I will find time to update my blog more often, and to read your blogs as well. As a matter of fact, I am off to read blogs right now. Catch you later!

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Grand-daughters Are So Creative!

Two of my darling grand-daughters came to spend some time at Grandma and Papaw's today. After homework was done we decided to pull out some beads and see what we could make while we waited for their momma to come and pick them up. I was delightfully surprised at their creativity. Destinie is 5 and Charity is 10. Look at what they did!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Like My Background?

You can have one too. Just visit


for a fantastic selection of gorgeous backgrounds. They are free and she also gives simple instructions on how to import them to your blog. And if you want a custom template, she can do that too. I have really just begun to explore all the different templates she offers, and will probably change mine routinely.

Go say 'Hi' to leelou and get your blog a classy new look!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today's New Etsy Listings

Here are two new listings for today. I am trying to be more diligent in listing items every day now for the Holiday season.

This silver bracelet is much prettier than the picture shows, but I think that is the case with most of my pics, since I am still working on my photography skills. 'sigh'

And now my camera is acting kind of funky. I'll probably have to get another one soon. Any suggestions on what kind to get for the close up detailed pictures I need?

Sugar's New Accessory

As promised, here is Sugar's new accessory. Isn't she glamorous?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sugar, Our German Shepard

This is Sugar, our dog. Well, she is actually our daughters dog, but when our daughter left for college, Sugar had to stay home. That was nearly 7 years ago. We have loved and cared for this dog for many more years than that actually, since we got Sugar when Amanda was about 10. That makes Sugar about 17 years old now. But she is still a great dog who at times forgets she is not still a pup.

One problem with Sugar is that she sheds like crazy! I have been up to my ears in clouds of dog hair floating around our house. The sofa is always covered with hair to the point that no one can sit on it besides Sugar. It has been a real chore to try to keep the house clean under such circumstances. But I think I might have found a solution. Yes, you guessed it. Sugar now has a stylin new haircut, and I have a lot less cleaning to do.

She actually acted like she enjoyed the whole grooming process. She just loves attention of any kind. For being such a good girl, I have promised her a new 'blingy' collar. Something that will be perfect for the beautiful girl that she is. More pics to follow once Sugar gets her new fashion accessories.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike Arrives in Southern Illinois

I was awakened Sunday afternoon by a heavy knocking on my door. It was my grandson, Chris, telling me that we had a problem. One look out the door confirmed this as I gazed at my husbands car nearly covered by a huge branch from our neighbors tree. I had taken note that morning, as I left work, that the winds were pretty stiff. I just didn't realize how hard the wind was really blowing. The sun roof is completely shattered and the windshield is broken as well. There are also numerous dents and dings from the impact of the limb.

Since we don't carry full coverage insurance on that car, I called our household insurance carrier to see if they covered such things. Well, of course, they don't. Hmm. So, I guess we are just out of luck. Wonder how long the duct tape will hold up?

My Latest Creation

Winter is coming and I'm thinking of beautiful blankets of pure white snow sparkling in the sunshine. And that is the inspiration of this pretty charm bracelet. I hope you like it!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cute Little Snowmen

My latest bead project is now listed in my Etsy shop. These sweet little snowmen were quite a challenge. Everything had to be added before oven curing these little guys and trying to get all the little textures right and still hold the shape of the bead almost made me give up on them several times. I would love to make more of them, but I'm going to have to find a better way to do them first. Any clay artists out there with some advice for me????

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lazy Monday

What a lazy day. I've just been sitting around, reading some blogs, doing a bit of housework, (yuck) and preparing some packages for the mail. I have traded off my Christmas Tree beads, so I should make another set to list. Maybe I'll get to that this evening.

Ho hum. I am badly in need of some motivation. 'sigh'

Friday, September 5, 2008

Maybe It'll be OK.....

Well, we are beginning to grow accustomed to our bright new bathroom. The color really is awesome, and when I start accessorizing, the possibilities are going to be endless. Today I held my aquamarine bath puff up to the wall and thought, 'Wow, that's pretty.' But I am leaning more toward sage green and white to offset the coral. It looks like the wall cabinet will have to be custom made, so it might be awhile before we get that. The new mirror is leaning against the wall and has to be mounted soon. I'm toying with the idea of adding some lights on either side of the mirror, but we'll see. My perfectionist son (who is a fabulous home improvement guy) came in, looked up and said, "Mom, you should have painted the ceiling first." Of course, he is right. I was just hoping to get by without doing the ceiling right now. But I may put some ceiling paper up. It is a small room and I think that would be easier than trying to paint it now. All in all, it's work, but fun. I love seeing the difference that a bit of redecorating can make.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yikes! I Painted My Bathroom Coral!

And it positively glows in there. I'm afraid to go in there now. It's just too bright. Maybe if I wear my shades...

Well, I guess I should wait until I finish with my redecorating before I make a final judgement. The worse case scenario would be that I would have to paint it over again. Or maybe I could just put a lighter colored wash on it to tone it down a bit.

But the reactions of those who go in there are priceless! Everyone comes out blinking and shaking their heads. Some roll their eyes. I'll post pics later, after the whole thing is finished, and you can all vote on whether I leave it as is or change it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Christmas is Coming!

Christmas will be here before we know it, and I have started creating some fantastic Christmas beads. Check these out, and let me know what you think.