Saturday, December 24, 2011

Goals for 2012

Well, it's time again to reflect on the past year and set a few goals for the year coming up.  I've been giving this some thought, as I am wont to do this time of year.  I know that there are many folks out there that do not set goals or make resolutions for various reasons.  If you are one of said people, bless you!  It's your life.  Live it as you choose.  But I, for one, love doing this each year.  

Now I will confess up front that I seldom reach my goals or keep my resolutions.  It seems that my pleasure is more in the making than the keeping.  But just because my follow through is weak is no reason to stop.  I always go into the new year with the best of intentions and renewed determination to 'get fit', 'lose some weight', 'keep my house clean', 'de-clutter' or whatever.  And I really do think I make a bit of progress in some areas each year.  And every little improvement counts in my book.  So, here I go again.

This year I am starting out with random things that come to mind, so they will not be in any certain order or listed by importance.  

                      #1.  Transfer all names, addresses and phone# from my address book to my IPod contact list.

I have already started this and expect to complete it.  This will put all my contact info at my fingertips and hopefully make connecting with others easier.

So that's as far as I have gotten at this point.  But, hey, it's Christmas and I have other things to do right now.  Still, it's a start and I feel good about it.

I'll try to keep you all posted on my progress and on any other goals that come to mind.  In the meantime......

Merry Christmas!!!!!


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