Friday, April 1, 2016

Road Trip Scarf

     The first time I saw this scarf on Pinterest, I fell in love with it!  I love the open weave of the stitch, the unique scalloped border and the dainty flowers with the added twisted braids on the ends.  While most triangular scarves are worn with the point in the back, this one is designed to wear the point in the front with the two ends wrapped around the back of the neck and draped to the front as well.
     I finally got around to making my own.  I just happened to have a remnant of yarn, so I got to work.  As often happens when I try to use up some of my stash on a project,  I didn't have enough to finish, so had to go buy more.  Luckily, Walmart still had some to match.

                          Many thanks to Zooty Owl for sharing her design and free pattern.

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