Monday, September 26, 2016

A Special Gift Idea for the Holidays....

Christmas is coming!  It's time to get those handmade gift projects going.  This post is for all of my pet loving friends, (which includes almost everyone I know).

To make a special gift, turn a fun and easy pattern into a whimsical rendition of any beloved pet.  Just follow the pattern and use the colors of the pet you have in mind.

Now if that pet happens to have more that one color on it's furry little frame, I would suggest cutting shapes of felt to resemble spots and sew them on.  If it's a leg or paw or an ear, simply crochet in the corresponding color.

Now, your crocheted pet will not look realistic, although I have seen some yarn artists do this with amazing results.  But your pet will be adorable and fun and will elicit smiles and giggles by the score!

We no longer have a pet, but we do have a frequent visitor to our home that we have claimed as our part-time pet.   file-sep-26-2-07-45-pm

I thought Sadie deserved a bit of recognition for her faithful visits to us.  The crocheted version was made using my 'Danny Ray the Dog' pattern.  I did make a few simple changes to give her a little more height and longer ears.  3 additional rounds of  single crochet were added in the center of the body and the ears were also lengthened by adding several rounds of single crochet.

Almost all of my patterns are easily adjusted to accommodate your desired finished product, and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about this.

So, I hope this helps with some ideas for easy, but unique gifting projects.


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