Friday, October 21, 2016

The Varmint Market.....The Sweetest Little Store !

Hello Friends!  I thought I would take a moment to explain  the Varmint Market.  All the varmints in my market are handmade originals designed and crafted by me.  The varmints themselves are the prototypes which I created for the patterns.  If you wish to buy one of these Varmints, the price  includes all shipping and handling costs.

The patterns in the Varmint Market are downloadable PDF's with instant delivery.  They are designed to be easy to understand and if there are any questions, I am always happy to help.  Just email me.

[caption id="attachment_96" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Varmint Market includes varmints of all shapes and sizes to crochet.' Adorable little Varmints for your little ones![/caption]

Since Christmas is fast approaching,  I want to offer an additional gift with each Varmint purchase from now through November.  I will include one 'Giggle' monster with each varmint purchase!  (This does not include pattern purchases.)  Your 'Giggle' will be a variation of one of these pictured.  If you have a preference, just message me and let me know and I will  create a 'Giggle' in the colors and style you like.

I also want to remind you that when you sign up for my monthly newsletter,  you will receive my free 'Giggles' E-Book which includes the pattern to make these cute little 'Giggle' monsters.

The holidays will soon be here and you don't want to be caught desperately trying to get your crochet projects finished at the last minute.  Plan ahead, and make your holiday season a time of joy and peace!


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