Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tigger in His Crocodile Costume!

I love the way 5 year old boys think!  They have fascinating minds.  My Grandson, Paul, is no exception.  Watching me stitch the crocodile stitch at a recent visit to his house he was intrigued!  Now this boy loves costumes!  He's Batman!  He's Spiderman!  Now he's Ironman!  Next, the Hulk!..And sometimes all of them at once.  So to him, a crocodile stitch simply means another costume.

My plan was to make him a crocodile blanket perhaps for Christmas, so I started it during our visit.    As he played at the table where I was working, he noted my progress.  After I had completed several rows, he disappeared briefly and then returned with his stuffed Tigger.

"Tigger needs an alligator costume,"  he informed.

"Well, I think you may be right, Paul."  I replied.  So I added ties to the already perfectly sized crocodile stitch cape and tied it around Tigger's shoulders.  Need I mention that Paul was thrilled?  And so was I!  That crocodile stitch blanket was going to be a time consuming project, but Paul just let me off the hook (no pun intended) at least for the time being.

So here is Paul in his Batman hoodie holding the batman "made out of yarn".


And here is Tigger in his new costume.


I think they are both just too cute!



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