Sunday, March 18, 2018

Slinky the dock in progress!

     We have a winner!   Slinky the dog from Toy Story was the winner of the drawing held last week and Lori Bradley will receive this awesome crochet dog as soon as he is completed!

     I wanted a challenge, and boy, did I get one!  This dog sports a slinky body and an internal armature (frame) of wire to give him shape and stamina.  The free pattern can be found here.

     To enhance the challenge, the pattern is written in a mix of English and (I think) Spanish.  But it includes enough photos and English words that I have been able to decipher most of it.

      He really is adorable and I am having a blast working on this project.    I think I may have him completed by next weekend and will be posting pics of the finished doxy in my next post.
As a matter of fact, I am thinking of having a contest similar to this every few months.  I learn something new with each new project!

     Thanks to everyone who participated!  Be sure to visit my Facebook page often to see what I am up to and to join in the fun!


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

More dolls......Which will be selected as my next project???

Here are more of the entries for my crochet doll project outlined on my Facebook page.  There are just a few days left to enter your choice of a project for me to make!  Check out my Facebook page to participate!  The drawing will be on March 10th to determine which project I will do and I will gift that project to the one who submitted it!

Check back in the next few weeks to see which project is chosen by random drawing and the results of my efforts to make that doll or amigurumi or a reasonable facsimile of it. 

Homestar Runner!  I have made one of these for my daughter who loved this show when she was in college.   Would love to make another one!

 These 2 cuties make a great pair!  However, I will only make one of any pair that may be selected as they are essentially the same pattern with a few alterations.  If a pair is chosen I will contact the person who submitted it and let them choose which one they would like to have.

This clown is over and above adorable!  I would love to try to replicate him!  The head and hands are not crochet so I will have to come up with the design just by looking at the picture.  That will be a challenge if he is selected!

This cutie is so dainty and expressive!  With no pattern to follow, this is another one that I would have to replicate by just looking at the picture.  

These cute little dolls look like they may have some knitted parts.  I don't knit, but if these are chosen, I will attempt to crochet one.

So the question is.....which project will I make?  And... can I do it????
We will find out in the next few weeks!
Stay tuned!

Friday, March 2, 2018

I Wanna Make a Cute Doll...

I'm in the mood to make a cute doll, so I'm asking my Facebook friends to help me choose a project.  This is really going to be fun!  Already I have a variety of suggestions with some adorable pics posted on my Yarn Varmints Facebook page.   And I am looking forward to more participation in the days to come.

With so many awesome suggestions already posted I'm thinking I may just have to have a drawing of all of them to make it fair.  And to make it easier on me, because, so far, I want to make every one of them!                           

Of course, my sister, who keeps up with everything I am doing, was the first to post!  I just think that these little mummy dolls are adorable!  Way to go, Sis!

My niece was the second person to jump on board!
These little octopi are so cute that I know I will be
making them at some point, either for this contest or
some other occasion.  Thanks Dana!  You have awesome

This slinky dachshund just intrigues me!  This is another one that
I will probably have to make at some point just for the challenge!
Thanks Lori!  I'm excited about this one!  I happen to know
someone special who would love this!

Who can resist this Raggedy Ann doll complete with dress, apron and pantaloons?  Oh my goodness!  What a treasured heirloom  she would be for some lucky child!  Another future
project, I am sure!  Thanks Cindy, my friend!

These are just a few of the entries so far.   Check back next week to see more awesome pics of potential projects.   On March 10th I will announce which project I will be doing and who the lucky winner will be.  So be sure to choose a project for me and post it on my Facebook page.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Babies, Babies, Babies!!!

Babies are such adorable little humans!  Such tiny little beings that just captivate nearly everyone in their immediate environment and cause even the most reserved and proper adult to revert to extreme silliness and gyrations trying to get that cute little baby grin response!

Every few years we seem to get  another one of those cute little critters welcomed into our family.    Since we have several grown up grand-children now, it's always possible that we could have another baby to love and adore!

In preparation for this anticipated event I have been looking at a lot of baby items on Pinterest.   And of course, anything that I make has to be totally cute and colorful!  One of my favorite things to do is to get me some inspiration and then add my own special style in the way of features and colors to the crochet project.

Last week I worked on a couple of teething rings and this week I made a nursing necklace.  I know that most crocheting grandma's like to make booties and blankets, but I'm so much more into different and fun things.
This is the first teething ring I made.    I borrowed the idea from this Pinterest pin 
and then added some cute little eyes and a rattle inside the head.

He turned out so cute that I decided he needed a companion.   So I whipped up this lovely little lady!

And then I ddesigned this  'Little Monster' Nursing Necklace.

The little monster is a Yarn Varmints original character which I  affectionally refer to as a 'giggle' because they just make you want to giggle each time you look at them.  I crocheted him in miniature just for this project.  He is so cute that I think more miniatures are going to be cropping up in the future.

So, who knows what my next project will be.  I have so many ideas that I want to try!  Be sure to check back in often to see whats up at Yarn Varmints.  And if you see something here that you like, you can most likely find it in my Etsy store.  

Oh, and I love doing custom items, so contact me if you want a special color or style.  
Have a great and crafty day!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Crochet Bunny Beanie...

Miss Maddie, my great-grandaughter is so adorably cute and such a precocious little one!  When she comes to visit Great-gram the whole house seems to become animated!

With Easter coming right up, and the weather is still quite chilly, this little bunny beanie is perfect for her.

 Many thanks to Pikadilly Charm  for this free crochet pattern.  You can find it here:


I used Bernat Pipsqueak yarn for this beanie.  I love the soft and fluffy texture of this yarn, and so does every child that touches it!   It works up fairly quickly and the pattern is simple and easy to follow.   I made this one a bit larger than the pattern called for since my little Maddie is not an infant.  I think she will love it, and I can't wait for her to come to Great-gram's house to get it!

I hope this post inspires you to make a bunny beanie for your little one!  You'll be glad you did!


Monday, January 22, 2018

Crochet a Flock of Sheep! Free Pattern

I developed this pattern in November of 2017 as a Christmas ornament project.  These little sheep are about 2-3 inches long and stuffed with fluffy polu-fil stuffing.  Each sheep can be completed in a short time with minimal materials.

  • Bernat Pipsqueak Yarn for bodies. (I used white, but other colors are available)
  • Caron Simply Soft yarn for accents  (black or tan)   
  • Poly-fil polyester stuffing.
  • Colored Ribbon or yarn for hangers.
  • G crochet hook
  • SC-  single crochet
  • Ch.-  chain
  • Inc.-  2 sc in 1 stitch
  • Dec-  Sc 2 stitches together
  • **  - repeat instructions to end of round.

First crochet ears and tail from worsted weight yarn. (Ears and tail are made exactly the same way.)

Leaving about a 2 inch tail, chain 5  Sc in 2nd ch from hook and next 3 chs. (4 sc).  Fasten off leaving a 2 inch tail of yarn.  Make 2 ears and one tail for each sheep.

To crochet the feet:

1. Make 4 sc in a mc.
2 and 3.  Sc in each st.
Fasten off.
  • If you feel confident with the method for attaching the ears and tail detailed below, you could also use that method for attaching the feet, just leave long enough yarn tails to tie inside the body as you go.

Rnd. 1. With black make 5 sc in a magic circle.
         2.  Inc. in each stitch (2 sc in each)  (10)
          3-4.  Sc in each st.  (10)
          5.  Attach white pipsqueak,  *Sc 1, inc*  (15)
          6-10  Make 15 sc evenly around each round.  If you have trouble keeping count of your rows, just make the body about 2 inches long.
          Attach ears to top of head by pulling yarn tails through to inside from outside making sure to keep a stitch between the two tails, then turn sheep body inside out and tie yarn tails securely together.  Do the same with tail except ,of course, it goes on the backside of the sheep.  Attach the crocheted feet to the bottom of the sheep using the same technique.  ( If you choose to use pompoms for the feet, hot glue them on after the sheep body is completed.)  Firmly stuff the body.
 11.  Continue with pipsqueak yarn and dec. stitches until  the body is closed.  Hide yarn in by pulling it to the inside of the sheep with your crochet hook.   

Note:  I do not recommend glueing on parts if this is to be used as a child's toy.  Feet, ears and tail should be securely tied if this sheep is to be given to a small child.

I hope you enjoy this sweet and simple little pattern.  For more YarnVarmint patterns you can visit my Etsy shop at  

Happy crocheting and have a great day!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Bunny Time.....

    I know it's just January.  We even have snow on the ground left from last week's snowstorm.
But I can't help letting my mind wander ahead to sunny days, gentle spring breezes and flowers peeking up through the sod to check the environment for a friendly temp.

And along with spring comes Easter!  The time for colored eggs, pretty dresses, bright colored baskets and of course, bunnies!  Who doesn't love a furry little cottontail with a cute little nose and ridiculously large ears!?

These two cuties came out of my balls of Bernat Pipsqueak yarn.  They are just the right size to fit easily into an Easter basket at about 4 inches long.  The ears can be bent to different positions for added cuteness and fun.

You can find either a downloadable pattern or a complete kit to make one bunny here.

Last year around Easter I designed these two cute amigurumis.  They are two of my favorite designs.  You can find patterns for them at my Etsy store as well.

So look forward to warm weather and sunshine.  They are on the way!  In the meantime, make a bunny or a duck to help pass the time.  Your kiddos will think you're a magician and that your crochet hook is a magic wand!