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Crochet Puppy Ornament/toy, Quirky, Unique Handmade Amigurumi

I love searching out new and unique projects to work on!  I found one similar to this on Pinterest and searched in vain for a pattern.  Not finding one, I did the next best thing.  I developed my own.  It's not exactly like the one on Pinterest , but close enough to satisfy me.

I have made this puppy in a larger size, but wondered if I could downsize the pattern to make it more the size for a Christmas ornament.  While it turned out larger than I really wanted, I think it will work just fine.  

Below is the pattern for the puppy.  It is a little involved with the construction of it, but if you follow along closely, you should be able to make it.

For a downloadable pattern with photos plus the pattern for the cat, visit my Etsy shop.

The pattern in my Etsy shop also includes instructions to make the cat in this pic.  I thought they looked like best friends!

Puppy Pattern

This finished puppy is approximately 6 inches long from head to tail.  The size can be increased or decreased by changing the weight of the yarn and the hook size.  A heavier yarn (ex. worsted weight) and a larger hook will give you a larger puppy.  A thinner yarn and a smaller hook will give you a smaller puppy.

DK or Sport weight Yarn  (I used Cleo Cotton)
2.75mm or C hook
Safety eyes
Polyfil stuffing
Yarn needle
8 buttons with large holes
12.5mm wooden or plastic beads  (12 of them)  Optional.

Crochet Terms:
CH- chain
ST-  stitch
MC-  magic circle
SC-  single crochet
INC-  increase (2 stitches in one stitch of previous round)
DEC- decrease  (one stitch made over 2 stitches of previous round)
F/O-  fasten off
Repeat instructions between asterisks ** to end of round.

Worked in rounds.  I used a running stitch marker to keep track of rounds.  The easiest way to make this puppy is to complete all individual components and then assemble.  My method of attaching the legs requires securing them to the inside of the body before stuffing and closing it, but you could just stitch the leg balls together and then sew them to the body if you like.   If you use my method, be mindful of where you position the legs, as they cannot easily be moved after the body is stuffed and closed. The safety eyes are placed before the head is stuffed and closed.  If you prefer, you can embroider or use felt for the eyes.  Embroider on a mouth and eyebrows if you like.

 In a mc make 6 sc.
Inc. in each st. (12)
3.  *Sc 1, inc*  (18)
4.  *Sc 2, inc*  (24)
5-17.  Sc in each st.  (24)  Make color change at about round 8.  Place safety eyes at about round 12.
18.  *Sc 2, dec*  (18)
19.  *Sc 1, dec* (12)
20.  Dec x’s 6  (6)
21.  Dec till closed.  F/O

 Mc with 6 sc.
Inc. in each st.   (12)
3.  *Sc 1, inc*  (18)
4-6  Sc in each st.  F/O
Stuff neck and stitch open end to bottom of head.

Ears:  Make 2
 Mc with 5 sc.
Inc in each stitch.  (10)
*Sc 1, inc*  (15)
*Sc 2, inc*  (20)
5-7  Sc in each stitch  (20)
8.  *Sc in 8, dec*  (18)
9.  *Sc in 7, dec*  (16)
10.  *Sc in 6, dec*  (14)
11.  *Sc in 5, dec*  (12)
12-14.  Sc in each stitch.
15.  Dec x’s 6.  F/O.
Stitch ears to head in desired position.

 Mc with 6 sc.
Inc  in each stitch  (12) Stuff llightly
Dec  till closed.
Stitch to end of snout.

 Mc with 6 sc.
Inc in each stitch  (12)
*Sc 1, inc*  (18)
*Sc 2, inc* (24)
*Sc 3, inc*  (30)
6-25.  Sc in each stitch.
26.  *Sc 3, dec*  (24)  Attach legs at this point before stuffing.  (See assembly instructions)
27.  *Sc 2, dec* (18)  Stuff body.
28.  *Sc1, dec*  (12)
29.  Dec x’s 6  (6)
30.  Dec till closed.  F/O

Feet top:  Make 4
 Mc with 6 sc
Inc in each stitch  (12)
*Sc 1, inc*  (18)
*Sc 2, inc*  (24)
5-8.  Sc in each stitch.  F/O

Feet bottom:  Make 4
 Mc with 6 sc
Inc in each stitch  (12)
*Sc1, inc*  (18)
*Sc 2, inc*  (24)  F/O

Balls for legs, tail and head bows.  Make 19
 Mc with 6 sc
Inc. in each stitch  (12) 
3-4  Sc in each stitch  (12)
Place a bead inside your work at this point. (Or you may choose to simply stuff the balls rather than use beads.)
5.  Dec x’s 6  (6)
6.  Dec till closed.  F/O

Tail:  Make 3
1.  Chain 15 or however long you want your tail to be.  
2.  Attach a ball to the end of each chain.
3.  Tie the ends of the chains together and attach to the backside of the puppy.

Head bow:  (optional)
 Make 2 chains about 40 stitches long.
Attach a ball to each end of each chain.
Tie into a bow and attach to head.

To assemble and attach legs and feet,  thread your yarn needle with some strong cord.  Thread through one of the holes on a button leaving a length of about 3 or 4 inches for tying off.  Thread through a foot top from the inside with the button resting against the inside top of the foot.  Next thread through 3 balls with the cord going through the center hole of the beads.  Thread through the body at your preferred position for the leg and through the hole of a second button inside the body.  Now, thread through the second hole of the button going back through the body and through each ball, down throuh the top of the foot and through the second hole of the button inside the foot.  You should now have 2 cord ends.  Pull the cord tight and tie into a tight knot to secure the leg to the body.    Repeat with remaing legs.  Now you can stuff the body and close it up.  Also stuff the feet and sc the bottoms on to the feet with all yarn and cord ends tucked inside.

Attach head and neck to front of body.   Add the tail and the bow.  Your puppy is completed. 

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